AOA’s Mina wears a very loose shirt in this sexy solo performance

Fans can’t get enough of how enchanting AOA‘s Mina looked in her sexy white button-up shirt outfit for her solo stage.

At AOA’s first official concert, Ace of Angels in Seoul, each of the AOA members prepared exciting unique solo stages for their fans!

For Mina’s solo stage, she prepared a cover of Sunmi‘s “24 Hours.” For her stage outfit, she wore a baggy white buttoned shirt with some lace design and a pair of safety shorts underneath. The sexy outfit not only showed off her slender figure but also her gorgeous legs.

The performance itself was very mesmerizing with Mina’s seductive dancing and her sensual facial expressions.

Check out the breathtaking fan taken photos of her beautiful solo stage below!

The color of the lighting enhanced Mina’s sexiness on stage!
Looking super sexy~!
Mina’s charismatic and sexy gazes are so alluring~.
Mina is so irresistible, no one can deny her sexiness in her outfit.
A gorgeous photo that makes every fan jealous!
Mina looking perfect while doing the signature “24 Hours” dance move!
Sexy queen!
Mina showing off her legs as she only wears a white shirt.
Mina making everyone speechless with her loose shirt and dance moves!
Having one button unbuttoned definitely made the outfit sexier~.

Here’s a preview of her solo stage below!