Apink Bomi’s Little Brother Shocks Viewers with His Idol-Like Visuals

Bomi’s little brother is 24 years old, just graduated from college, and is currently helping his father out at his convenience store.

Apink‘s Bomi recently appeared on Mnet’s Not the Same Person You Used to Know where she visited her father’s convenience store.

Bomi’s father used to manage a supermarket, but he recently switched over to a convenience store instead.

During the interview, Bomi shared, “My dad is like a friend. My dream is to marry someone just like my dad.

On the show, Bomi worked as an employee at the convenience store, and her handsome little brother, Yoon Jong Jin also happened to be helping out at the same time.

It was revealed that Yoon Jong Jin is 24 years old, just graduated college, and is currently helping out his father at his convenience store.

But what drew particular attention was how good-looking Yoon Jong Jin is with visuals that qualify him to become an idol.

Check out Bomi’s handsome little brother in video form below:

Source: Dispatch