Apink Bomi Nearly Takes Her Top Off In Front Of Kangnam

Apink Bomi pretended to take her top off in front of Kangnam and his reaction was very comical.

Apink Bomi, 2AM Jinwoon and Kangnam appeared in this week’s episode of SBS’s Law of the Jungle, visiting the Tavoro Waterfalls in Taveuni Island, Fiji.

While they were preparing to get into the water to hunt for fish, Jinwoon took off his shirts and one of the staff mentioned that it is better to get into the water without the shirt.

“It is colder when your clothes get wet. So it is better to take the shirts off”

— Staff

Bomi nodded and pulled some of her shirts up as if she was taking them off.

Kangnam who was standing right in front of Bomi, and was so shocked, his eyes almost popped out.

Bomi spotted Kangnam’s confused face and let him know that she was just joking.

Some netizens also expressed that they were actually surprised by her prank, and can’t get over how fun Bomi’s prank and Kangnam’s reactions were.