Apink’s Bomi Once Got Her Ring Stuck On Her Blouse—Here’s How She Handled The Situation

She had to react fast.

During their iconic “LUV” era, Apink was performing with zero mishaps on Music Bank until Bomi had a little incident with the ring on her finger.

Unfortunately, Bomi’s ring had gotten caught on the ribbon of her blouse during her center part. Despite the fact that she was unable to move that hand, Bomi handled it like a professional. Is anyone really surprised though? She’s the best!

Instead of freaking out, Bomi worked with the choreography and her trapped hand the best she could. To be honest, one probably wouldn’t notice there was ever any incident with her ring.

Luckily, Bomi didn’t have to suffer long as the situation happened towards the end of the performance. Like the queen she is, Bomi ended the performance nicely!

Fans found Bomi’s ring incident to be very cute and praised her for her professionalism!

Check out how Bomi handled her ring incident below: