The Real Reason Apink’s Bomi Regrets Getting Her Tattoo…And Why She Still Refuses To Remove It

“I did a friendship tattoo with friends that says…”

Apink‘s Bomi has an old tattoo that she no longer likes.

She mentioned this on the third episode of her YouTube interview show “Let’s Eat Together Today” featuring rapper JUSTHIS. On the topic of his sleeve of tattoos, the K-Pop idol mentioned that she has a tiny one as well.

I like having tattoos. I have one…

— Bomi

Her expression quickly turned into one of embarrassment when he asked to see it. She admitted that she no longer likes it, saying, “I regret it so much…I can’t show you.”

Bomi has the words “Semper Tecum” (“I will always be with you” in Latin) permanently imprinted on her right foot towards her heel. She and her friends had it done together as a sign of their friendship.

On my foot, I have it here. I did a friendship tattoo with friends that says semper tecum.

— Bomi

Unfortunately for the K-Pop idol, it did not hold up well to the test of time. Several letters have already faded ever so slightly. Instead of the meaningful Latin words, it now looks like an advertisement for the hip hop duo Supreme Team!

Now that it kind of erased, from far away it looks like Supreme Team.

— Bomi

Supreme Team’s Simon Dominic (Left) and E-Sens (Right). They were active from 2009-2013. | Amoeba Culture

In fact, even her friends already had the tattoo removed due to this very reason. She, however, chose to keep it for one simple reason: it hurts more to have it lasered off.

It’s so embarrassing. My friends all got it removed [but I didn’t because] it hurts too much. They colored it black.

— Bomi

Check out the full video below to learn more about Bomi and JUSTHIS!

Source: YouTube