Apink’s Eunji Confesses Just How Much She Ate Back When She Was 30 Pounds Heavier

This was before Eunji went on an intensive diet that led her to lose 30 pounds.

Apink‘s Eunji recently appeared on Olive’s Bob Bless You, where she revealed just how much she ate before she went on a diet that led to losing an astounding 30 pounds.

The conversation started with Song Eun Yi telling Lee Young Ja, “Unnie, Eunji eats 5 bags of ramen at a time.

In response to this surprising reveal, Eunji responded with, “I used to eat 5 bags of ramen at a time back when I weighed 139 pounds.

In the past, Eunji openly confessed that she used to weigh around 139 pounds before she embarked on an intensive diet that led her to lose 30 pounds.

In an interview with Elle, Eunji shared that in order to maintain her new weight, she keeps to a protein-dominated diet as well as constant exercise.

Watch Eunji’s truthful confession in the footage below:

Source: Dispatch