Here’s Why Apink’s Eunji Almost Got Cursed at by the Movie Director on the Set of “0.0MHz”

Eunji freaked him out good.

On a recent episode of JTBC’s Knowing Bros, Apink‘s Eunji and Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun appeared as guests.

During the popular “Guess Me” game, Eunji asked, “There was a time when the director cursed at me during the filming of 0.0MHz. Why do you think he was so surprised?

In response, the cast of the show guessed that it was because her acting was that realistic or because she looked like a ghost.

After finding out that it was because of a scene that required her to smile while looking possessed, Eunji revealed, “The director was monitoring the screen when I had to roll my eyes backward and smile. That really freaked him out.

She added, “If the camera had been on me from the beginning, he wouldn’t have been so scared, but in that scene, the camera moved around and caught me afterward.”

She explained, “My role wasn’t even a ghost, so when I looked like one, the director got really scared.

Source: Dispatch