APINK Eunji Goes Home And Finds Bomi Crying Alone

Eunji recently updated her Instagram post with an adorable video of Bomi crying while watching something on her phone. In the video, Bomi is lying across a one-seater couch, dabbing her tears away with a crumpled up piece of tissue as she cries while she continues to watch what’s playing on her phone.

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“Yoon Bomi you’re so freaking cute for real #yoonbomi #freakingcute #ican’tkeepthistomyself #i’mokay #betterthanyesterday”

— Apink’s Eunji

Bomi was watching an episode of Misago, a program that helps people say “I love you”, “Thank you”, or “Sorry” to those they have always wanted to, but never had the chance to. In this episode, an elderly man had told his wife that he would never leave her, even if she had dementia. Bomi was so moved by his sweet words that she couldn’t help but burst into tears.