Apink’s Hayoung Guesses Songs From Just Hearing The Intro

Her editing gave her a perfect score.

Apink‘s Hayoung played a game on her YouTube channel, Ohhabbang, where she tested her knowledge of songs that were released from 2008 onwards.

Despite the game playing the introductions of popular and comparatively obscure songs, Hayoung seemed to know them all, and could name the different songs without much thought.

Songs ranged from older famous tunes like “So Hot” by Wonder Girls to more recent iconic songs like “NUNU NANA” by Jessi.

However, at the end of the video, the idol confessed that she actually didn’t know many of the songs and had simply edited the video to appear flawless. She included clips of her struggles and even wondered whether the video would be able to be uploaded.

Regardless, Hayoung knew many songs released both before and after her debut in 2011. Fans also complimented the girl group member on her lovely vocals, as she sang the various songs throughout the video.

Hayoung has consistently uploaded to her channel since the first upload in May of last year, and shares her life with fans through vlogs and fun video games.

Play along with Hayoung and see how many you can get right by watching the video below!

Source: YouTube