Apink Members React To Their Kiss Scenes…And Hayoung Couldn’t Believe It

Was it really that shocking?

On an episode of Idol Room, a couple of the members of Apink were guests for the show (Hayoung, Eunji, Chorong, and Namjoo). During the episode, they had the members go down memory lane and watch some of their kiss scenes from past dramas.

It begins with the members reacting to Eunji’s scene from Reply 1997. Hayoung simply couldn’t believe the scene and just had a look of disbelief throughout the whole scene.

The next scene was Chorong’s kiss scene from Plus Nine Boys. Most of the members weren’t too shocked by the scene. Hayoung had a similar reaction to the previous kiss scene of Eunji. Hayoung just had a face of disbelief watching the whole scene.

The final kiss scene shown was none other than Hayoung’s from Love In Time. Hayoung couldn’t help but hide her face from embarrassment.

The other Apink members were quick to jump on Hayoung and tell her how they felt about the whole scene.