Apink Naeun’s sister: Son Sae Eun

Naeun has a younger sister, but she isn’t working to become an idol. Her goal is to become a professional golfer!

Even though she is the younger sister by 3 years, Sae Eun is taller than Naeun, with a height of 175cm (5ft 8.75in)! Both sisters seem to enjoy each other’s company and support each other in their individual activities. During the first year of Apink’s debut, Sae Eun got a chance to visit Naeun on the set of “My My.”

Sae Eun has participated in a handful of golf tournaments. Her golfing talent got her to 3rd place in the SR30 Korea High School Golf Tournament in 2013. She is a bright prospect with the potential to be a part of the next generation in women’s golf. She hopes to one day play in the LPGA.

Keep up the hard work Sae Eun!

Blessed with beauty, Naeun and her sister look like identical twins!

Looking good for an advertisement!

Sae Eun stands tall for a golfing tutorial.
Standing tall for a golfing tutorial.

It looks like Sae Eun and Naeun even go golfing together sometimes!

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