Apink’s Namjoo Looks Completely Different, Nearly Unrecognizable

Some fans thought she was a completely different person!

There has been a lot of buzz around Apink Namjoo‘s recent appearance.


Fans have become puzzled by her appearance, stating that she doesn’t really look like herself.


Some fans even said that they couldn’t recognize the star at all and thought she was a whole different person!

  • “I honestly didn’t know who she was at first.”

  • “I had no idea who she was!”

  • “I couldn’t recognize her.”

  • “I had to search her name up to confirm that it was the same person!”


There is a startling difference, especially when you look at older photos of Namjoo.


Many netizens made a direct comparison between the idol’s older photos and newer photos.

  • “Her old pictures and new pictures are completely different!”

  • “Her nose looks different from before.”

  • “What a difference!”


Many netizens believe that she may have had some work done.

  • “Did she get surgery?”

  • “She changed up her entire face.”

  • “Looks like she got her nose done.”


While others aren’t so certain how she changed.

  • “She’s the same but overall there’s something different.”

  • “It’s true her face is different but I just don’t know why.”


While there are some critics of her new look, there are many other fans who are super supportive.

  • “She’s still beautiful!”

  • “Her overall atmosphere has changed but she’s still beautiful. Please don’t leave negative comments about her.”

  • “She looks different but really pretty.”

Source: Instiz