Apink Saved Their Company And Helped Them Expand, Here’s How

They went from one practice room in a basement, to 6 practice rooms.

Play M Entertainment might be one of the biggest current entertainment companies in South Korea, but the story of how it got here is quite interesting. The main reason for the companies success is how Apink helped build and expand the company.

The List took a look back on how Apink helped the company grow and expand to what it is today. The company was initially called Acube Entertainment, and Apink was the first group to debut under them.

Apink’s debut wasn’t very successful because there was other news going on in the Korean entertainment industry that caught people’s attention.

Apink started to build their popularity through multiple activities. One of those activities was Eunji being cast on Reply 1997 and getting praise for her realistic acting skills.

Naeun also helped Apink expand their popularity by being on We Got Married and displaying some innocent charms.

The group also maintained their innocent image from debut, and their popularity only grew from there.

Apink also got popular overseas and started to gain great revenue from their concerts.

Acube Entertainment received an investment in 2015 from LOEN Entertainment and changed its name to Plan A Entertainment.

The company originally started with just Apink, and only had 1 practice room.

The company has moved and now has multiple practice rooms for the artists to use.

The company CEO isn’t shy to let people know that Apink is the reason that the company expanded and grew to this level.

Here is the full video below!