Apink Were “So Scared” To Try A Sexy Concept, Here’s Why

“…we got so scared of it.”

Before pulling off sexy concepts in the way only they could, Apink admitted they were originally afraid to make the switch from the cute concepts that gamed them fame.

Apink | Inkigayo

When a fan congratulated Apink on the third anniversary of the “legendary season” for “I’m So Sick” that won multiple trophies, it sparked a memory for Bomi.

Although the song brought them success, the members had been worried about switching to a mature concept at the time. The members agreed when Bomi said, “When we suddenly changed our concept in ‘I’m So Sick’, we got so scared of it.

Not only was it their first time giving the concept a try, but they were also worried about how fans would receive it. Bomi explained, “Because it was our first attempt, and we thought that people would be burdened to see our sexy and yet charismatic look.

Apink didn’t have to worry at all. Bomi mentioned how well fans received it by saying, “But they liked it so much.

The risk paid off for Apink, with their success keeping them together for over ten years and still pulling off mature concepts like their latest track “Dilemma”.