Apink’s Bomi Channels Her Inner Katniss Everdeen For Epic Shot

Apink‘s Bomi might look as majestic and graceful as Katniss Everdeen when she does archery, but the actual results were just a little different.

A GIF of Apink’s Bomi has been receiving a lot of attention for how determined and professional she looked while aiming for her target. Participating in the Idol Star Athletics Championships against junior girl group Lovelyz, Bomi lined up perfectly and was even compared to Hunger Games character Katniss Everdeen for her composure and aura.

But while Bomi looked determined, when the target is shown, the arrow was nowhere to be found! Turns out, her aim isn’t exactly as good as Katniss’s, with the arrow having been buried in the wall behind the target!

Upon further inspection of the GIF, Bomi made a last second twitch in her shot, causing the arrow to fly upward and completely miss the target.

While she was definitely disappointed in the result, Bomi received a lot of praise from viewers for shaking off the miss and laughing at her own silly mistake.