Apink’s Bomi Hates Her Life After Boiling Yogurt And Drinking It

“This kind of looks like… soft tofu.”

Earlier this month, Apink‘s Bomi launched her very own YouTube channel, BBOM BBOM BBOM, for interacting with her fans while she’s not promoting and simply having fun on her own time!

The channel already has over 140K subscribers!


In her latest experimental video, Bomi decided to warm up Korea’s top selling cold drinks. The selection included coke, chocolate and coffee milk, strawberry and watermelon juices, and yes, the yogurt.

“Today, I’m going to try drinking these popular cold-served drinks and juices hot by boiling them first.” — Bomi


When she chose the plain flavor drinking yogurt, Bomi got excited because it’s one of her favorite drinks. She had no idea what was about to hit her!

“I’m going to try the plain flavor yogurt next! You know, this drinks really, really helps you with digestion.” — Bomi


When the yogurt came to a boil, and of course the drink curdled, Bomi didn’t quite know how to react to the terrifying visual.

“This kind of looks like… soft tofu.” — Bomi


After she sniffed the hot yogurt, Bomi took a sip. With the taste of warmed up plain yogurt, Bomi’s soul was lost!

“This… this is really… (pretends to vomit)” — Bomi


More of her precious reactions…

“I don’t want to do this anymore!!!” — Bomi


Not all of her drinks tasted like hell though. Bomi quite enjoyed the warmed up chocolate milk!

“I know this is going to be good. This is going to taste just like hot cocoa!” — Bomi


She strongly recommended that everyone tries warming up their chocolate milk before drinking.

“Oh, this is so good. Try it! I actually think I’ll have this warmed up from now on.” — Bomi


You can watch how curiosity killed Bomi’s tastebuds here: