Apink’s Chorong Sheds A Few Tears Revealing The Hardships Of Being The Leader Of A Group

Being the leader is a difficult job.

Being the leader of a K-Pop group isn’t an easy job and Apink‘s Chorong revealed how difficult it can be at times. On an episode of Life Bar, Chorong talked about what it’s like being the leader of an idol group. Due to being the leader, Chorong put all her attention and focus on only Apink.

Due to putting all her focus on Apink, Chorong would constantly remind her members that they’ll always have responsibilities as an Apink member, even during solo activities.

Chorong also once got a call from the director of their agency for a meeting. The director simply wanted Chorong to talk about her side of the story and how she was feeling.

Chorong cried once the director said those words to her. Chorong never really gets to let her feelings be heard because she’s always thinking of the members first and trying to express all their opinions.

Chorong got a little emotional thinking back on that moment and the burdens she’s endured.

Here is the full video below.