Apink’s Eunji Reveals How She May Have Saved Her Friend’s Life…Through Her Sixth Sense

Eunji can actually see the future?

On an episode of Radio Star, Apink‘s Eunji shared some occasions that prove she may actually have a sixth sense.

Eunji has actually seen the future and predicted multiple events through her dreams. One time, she had a dream that her friend got hit by a black car.

This got her thinking and she even gave a heads up to her friend to be careful about black cars that day.

It turned out that Eunji’s friend almost got hit by a black car that day when she was crossing the road. The only reason she stopped crossing the road was that she saw a black car.

Eunji had another dream where she envisioned her father lying on the ground, then being in the hospital.

It turned out that her father slipped on some snow that day while he was riding his motorcycle.

Watch the full video below!