Apink’s Naeun Looks Adorable With Her Hair Tied Up

She’s gorgeous any way she styles her hair, but fans have really fallen in love with Apink‘s Naeun with her hair tied up.

Although Apink’s Naeun has proven that she looks good with any kind of hairstyle, many people say that she looks the best when she ties her hair up. By putting her hair up, she has a more fresh look that goes with just about any concept! Naeun has achieved cute, mature, elegant and sexy looks with various tied-up hairstyles. Some of the outfits she wore with her hair up, would not have looked the same if she had let her hair down.

Check out how her tied-up hairstyles enhanced both her beauty and the concepts of her outfits!

She looks absolutely stunning with a high ponytail!

Her high pigtails gave her a look that was a combination of cute and sexy!
Perfect for whipping her hair back and forth while performing on stage!

Full of grace and beauty!

The ribbon used to tied her hair really suits her well!

Radiating with elegance!

With her hair tied back and away from her face, you could admire her beauty even more!

A little bow makes her look utterly adorable!

A low ponytail made her look very sophisticated and mature!

This braid went well with Naeun’s sporty and sexy look!

What do you think? Do you prefer Naeun’s hair up or down?