Apink’s Naeun shares photos from her vacation

Apink‘s Naeun appears to be on vacation at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped her from updating her fans with these gorgeous photos of her by the pool.

Over the past few days, Son Naeun has been sharing a few photos from her recent vacation overseas. They were all posted on her personal page on Instagram and Naeun showed off a little more skin than usual in her bathing suit and sunglasses as she enjoyed a few moments by the poolside.

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Naeun’s photos were received positively and most of her fans appreciate her sexy transformation. It appears that she has been able to enjoy some quality time on her vacation.

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Naeun looks like she could just stay in there forever, and who could blame her after such a strenuous round of promotions?

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Nauen looked incredible in her dark green top by the bar.

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She looks so happy.

By the looks of Naeun’s photos, it seems like the members are taking some personal time after actively promoting their last album, Dear, last year. They wrapped up promotions by holding a concert titled Pink Party in Seoul, South Korea.

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