Only Apink’s Naeun Could Make This Unflattering Outfit Look Amazing

“If I wore that I’d look like a middle-aged mother.” — Netizen

Apink‘s beautiful Naeun can rock just about every look, if this recent outfit is any proof!


Naeun arrived at a flagship opening for the fashion brand AVA MOLLI wearing a pantsuit that might not look half as appealing on a hanger.


The pantsuit’s unusual mix of bagginess and sharp angles isn’t for everyone, but Naeun isn’t just anyone.


She’s a natural model and a born fashionista!


Even this shapeless ensemble looks flattering on Naeun…


…because she has the beauty, confidence, and charisma to pull it off!

  • Son Naeun can literally pull off anything
  • Honestly, I think you can give anything to Naeun and she’ll look good in it
  • The fit is amazing
  • What in the world…How can she look so good in a blue suit lol
  • Whoa I love that kind of style but if I wore that I’d look like a middle-aged mother