Here’s What Makes TWICE’s Maknae Line Unique

Everyone loves the School Meal Club!

Previously, we looked at the presence of TWICE‘s J-Line and what made them unique in the group. This time, we’ll be taking a closer look at TWICE’s maknae, which is composed of Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu. ONCEs often refer to this line-up as the School Meal Club.

Dahyun, who was born in 1998, participated in a youth dance competition in which she produced the music and choreography herself, and received casting from JYP Entertainment. Her powerful and comical “Eagle Dance”, which was shown on TWICE’s debut survival program SIXTEEN was impressive, but it’s believed she had been performing a prototype of the original dance since elementary school.

Mainly in charge of rap and dance, Dahyun is said to be the best in TWICE because of her ability to act in a variety of roles with instant force.

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It is not uncommon for members of popular idol groups to play an active role in variety shows in Korea, but Dahyun is the most regular member on variety programs. Her unique reactions and innocent smile are full of positive vibes that will make you laugh and smile. Even during her time on SIXTEEN, where first impressions were particularly important, she triumphed in gaining the first place in voting from fans. Before her debut, she appeared in GOT7 and 2PM Wooyoung‘s MV.

She is very popular in Korea because of her refreshing personality, and although she seems to be a confident person she is cautious when she speaks and excels at fan service.

…is bright, positive and a little funny, showing a different angle from other members.

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Born in 1999, Chaeyoung attended a dance school from year six of elementary school, passed the JYP audition and became a trainee. Like Tzuyu, she has three years of trainee experience. Chaeyoung is in charge as the main rapper of TWICE, and was the most noticeable rapper among the participants of SIXTEEN. Initially, she didn’t intend to become a rapper bit ultimately felt it was a fit for her when working on trainee assignments, having said she put particular effort into it.

Chaeyoung’s hobbies include reading, writing poetry, and drawing pictures, so creative ventures suit her personality. Her creativity even shows TWICE’s songs, from the rap part in “Precious Love” from Page Two to “Strawberry” from their seventh album FANCY YOU, in which she contributed to writing the lyrics.

Despite the fact that Tzuyu is the youngest member of the group, Chaeyoung, who is less than 160cm (about 5’2″) in height, is loved like the youngest child.

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Tzuyu is a Taiwanese member from Tainan, the Republic of China. An upload of a dance recital to YouTube caught the attention of JYP staff, which led to her going to Korea in her second year of junior high to enter the agency as a trainee.

Among the members, Tzuyu gives off a quiet impression along with groupmate Mina, but she has a cool image because of her beauty.

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Although she is the youngest, she is also the tallest member of TWICE and boasts visuals that had been a topic of discussion among other trainees. During her time in SIXTEEN, her visuals became a hot topic. At the time, she was less good at speaking Korean than she is now, and along with Momo, she was one of the last additions to TWICE.

Members can make up for each other’s missing skills, and the chemistry between them can bring out their potential beyond the limits of what can be accomplished by one person. If you think of the significance of the existence of idol groups, when you re-examine each individual’s appeal and the specialties of TWICE members, who have 9 unique members in their group, it can be said that they’re a type of “ideal idol group”.

Source: Real Sound