NCT Taeyong’s Uniquely Wholesome Approach To Leadership That Made SM Entertainment Appoint Him As Leader With No Hesitation

Originally they thought he wouldn’t make it as a trainee!

Back when NCT was set to debut, SM Entertainment did not hesitate in choosing the member who would be leader, and the reason why is too wholesome. Even though his teachers had initially believed he wouldn’t make it as a trainee, Taeyong ended up becoming a great leader due to his special approach to leading his team.

Despite his initial ‘lacking skills,’ Taeyong was so passionate and driven that SM Entertainment couldn’t help being impressed by him. But it was seeing his immense pride in his team that led the company to name him leader without hesitation.

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And not only that! As the leader of one of the biggest groups in K-Pop, Taeyong was expected to be a demanding or strict leader.

But instead of doing that, Taeyong chose to take a soft approach to leadership that centered on listening to his members. This is partly because he is afraid of being too demanding, but the main reason is because he feels that good leaders listen to, support, trust, and rely on their members.

Yet, there is one discipline in which Taeyong doesn’t hesitate to be demanding, and that is…dancing! Taeyong leads his team in exhaustive dance practices, which probably accounts for NCT’s legendary performances!

Taeyong may not be strict or demanding with his members, but NCT’s prowess proves he is a truly capable leader. His soft approach, which favors wholesome actions over words, makes him a supportive and reliable leader, even for group as large as NCT with its 23 members!

If you’d like to see more about Taeyong and his journey as a K-Pop idol check out the link below!

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