A Bunch Of April Fansites Shut Down, And Fans Are Celebrating

Fans are actually happy these sites are closing.

It doesn’t seem like a fansite closing would ever be a good thing and normally it isn’t, but when it was announced that a number of April‘s fansites would be closing down for good fans were actually happy.


In the past fansites have been shut down for numerous reasons including dating news, scandals, or personal reasons.

“Close. DSP, everyone, I wish you all a prosperous life.”


This time around, however, the girl group’s fansites are shutting down because they’ve been blacklisted by DSP Media.


While there are plenty of fans that are sad to see these sites being closed…

  • “Hul, this is sad.”

  • “Why would they make a blacklist?”

  • “The company is blocking innocent people. Now there are hardly any fansites left.”


Many others are actually celebrating the news!

  • “The company did a good thing.”

  • “Good job DSP! This needed to be done a long time ago.”

  • “I wish other companies would implement these rules.”


While it may seem odd that fans are celebrating the closing of fansites for their favorite group, there is actually a pretty good explanation. Many of these fans believe that a majority of those blacklisted are actually saesangs.

  • “If you are strange, you are out of DSP! Bye!”

  • “It’s better to have no more fansites than a bunch of sasaengs following you… No matter how bad you need fansites, it’s still a pain to have sasaengs.”

  • “Good for them for dropping these. Now there won’t be any more saesang fans.”


So instead of being sad, there are many fans who are happy because DSP Media is taking possible saesangs seriously!