APRIL’s Naeun Shows Off Handmade Necklace Made By Red Velvet’s Yeri

Friendship goals!

Red Velvet’s Yeri and APRIL’s Naeun are known to be good friends who are both born in ’99. Recently, Naeun posted a photo to her Instagram story revealing a handmade necklace that Yeri made for her. The caption reads, “Yerim, I wore it for our first comeback performance and it was perfect.”

The photo shows Naeun wearing a colorful outfit that matched the cute necklace.

| @betterlee_0824/Instagram

Yeri, who saw Naeun’s post, posted a screen shot of her Instagram story and responded, “So pretty! Naeun wore the necklace I made for her for their first comeback performance!”

| @yerimiese/Instagram

If you watch closely on the July 30 broadcast of Mnet M Countdown, you can see that Naeun is in fact wearing the necklace!

We can’t wait to see more interactions between these two! They also happen to be close friends with Weki Meki’s Doyeon, who is also a fellow 99er who went to the same high school as Naeun.