APRIL’s Naeun Is Charming Everyone With Her Gorgeous Visuals

She’s gorgeous!

APRIL‘s visual and face of the group Naeun is turning heads with her gorgeous features. Though she has been praised for her beauty since debut, many learned about her through the web drama A-TEEN.

april naeun april naeun1

The idol is only 20-years old and is already snatching people’s hearts. Many are loving her big, doe-like eyes and dazzling smile.

april naeun2 april naeun3

Though the idol stands at an average 165cm, her legs are long and slim, making her look taller than she is. Anyone could mistake her for a model!

april naeun4 april naeun5

The idol is also able to pull off both brown hair…

  april naeun6

and black hair!

  april naeun7

Naeun, your face is the best.

– Korean Netizen

Source: Pann
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