April’s “Pink Moon” Just so Happens to Rise on the Same Night as BLACKPINK’s Coachella Performance

Meet the newest BLACKPINK stan: the moon!

Last week BLACKPINK made headlines all around the world before, during, and after their historic performance at Coachella 2019, Weekend 1.

Their performance was so talked about that it seems the moon has even caught wind of it and has decided to stan; just in time for BLACKPINK’s final performance at Coachella on April 19. April 19 also happens to be when the full moon of April will rise, but this is no ordinary full moon. The full moon of April is also known as the “Pink Moon.”

The “Pink moon” over a city.

While the moon won’t actually be pink, it’s an oddly funny coincidence that this so-called pink moon will rise on the same night that BLACKPINK will be finishing their run as Coachella headliners.

The moon is called “pink” because of the timing of the blooming of these pink blossoms, the pink wild phlox.

This will likely be a great memory for the girls, festival goers and BLINKs who get to brag that BLACKPINK made history at Coachella during the pink moon.


Source: Space.com