Ariana Grande Sings K-Pop Girl Group Songs In Korean But It’s Not Really Her

Why does it sound so good, though?

As AI technology becomes more prominent in our daily lives, it is shifting the music industry. With the latest Drake hit featuring The Weeknd, “Heart On My Sleeve,” turning out to be created by AI, we can see just how easy it is for someone to use a singer’s voice to make it sound like they are singing the song.

AI-generated voices are made from immense amounts of data that make it possible to break down a singer’s vocal characteristics, pronunciations, and even breaths.

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Drake isn’t the only artist who unknowingly “sang” a song he never agreed to sing. Netizens created AI covers that went beyond different genres and languages; one of them is Ariana Grande singing K-Pop songs.

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For instance, here is Ariana Grande singing “OMG” by NewJeans.

It’s fascinating and eerie at the same time how much it sounds like Ariana Grande; however, there are imperfections and an unnatural feel that shows that AI-generated songs are still a work in progress.

Netizens commented on Ariana Grande’s cover, talking about how real it sounds—and mentioning the rap part in which her voice is not in sync with the rest of the track. Some found it fascinating the American singer’s Korean sounded good, while others found the whole thing scary.

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AI-Ariana’s cover of “Ditto” by NewJeans was also praised for sounding amazing.

Another AI-generated cover was of Ariana Grande singing FIFTYFIFTY‘s “Cupid.”

There are even songs where Ariana Grande’s AI-generated voice is a “featured artist,” such as BLACKPINK Jennie‘s “SOLO.”

How would Red Velvet‘s “Psycho” sound if sung by Ariana? You can hear it here.

It isn’t just Ariana Grande’s voice generated by AI to “sing” these songs. Jungkook’s AI-generated covers went viral for sounding just like him.

The Internet is filled with AI-generated covers of various artists singing pretty much any song you can think of, and it makes us wonder where the music industry is headed in the future.

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Source: YouTube and The Verge
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