ARMY Accidentally Sends Teacher An RM “Thirst” Video Instead Of Homework… Hilariousness Ensues

How embarrassing would that be??

We all make mistakes sometimes. One of the most embarrassing things a young person can do, however, is send their teacher an image, video, or essay that wasn’t what they intended to send – and the ensuing consequences can range anywhere from mortifying to hilarious.

One particular ARMY recently had such an experience. While trying to send her physics teacher an assignment through email, she unintentionally sent them something else entirely… And her teacher’s reaction was priceless.

Rather than physics, the poor student sent her teacher a file titled “Namjoon thirst videos”, which is a nightmare situation for pretty much any fan of BTS. The understandably confused adult replied with the following: “Hello Ellyza, regarding your previous email I think you have made a mistake on the file that you have attached. I believe you were trying to send me your Physics assignment however I got a file called ‘Namjoon thirst videos.’

They continued on, “At first I thought you just renamed the file wrong so I opened the video, I was wondering why this ‘Namjoon’ of yours is thirsty and I was expecting some water drinking video. I was wrong. Don’t be embarrassed we all make mistakes. Just send the Physics assignment as a reply to this email. Kind regards.

While certainly a mortifying experience, at least her teacher was good-natured about the situation! What would RM say if he heard about this?