ARMYs React Angrily, Demanding A “Real Album” From BTS’s J-Hope In Response To His New Single

“Give us an album…a real album!!!!!”

BIGHIT MUSIC recently announced that BTS‘s j-hope would release a solo single titled “on the street” on March 3 at 2 PM KST.


“On the street” has a double meaning: it represents an artist whose dreams started on the street and a “road” that an artist and his fans will continuously walk together on. J-Hope has personally written this song as a dedication to his fans.

Here is BIGHIT MUSIC’s announcement of the upcoming single “on the street.”


In response to his new solo single, ARMYs were happy but frustrated. Finding out that this release is a digital single, they demanded a physical CD album, declaring that j-hope deserves a real album.

It’s not a single album?? What do you mean a digital single ㅠ give us an album… a real album!!!!!

??? Give us a real album —— Why is it a digital single again?

Some even pointed out that his debut album Jack in the Box from 2022 should be released as a physical album and that it’s not too late to do so.

We request for j-hope’s first solo album Jack in the Box to be released as a physical CD album. It’s not too late, so please🙏🏻

Let’s not delay it any longer. With the release of this single, release Jack in the Box as a repackaged CD‼️ We request for j-hope’s first solo album Jack in the Box to be released as a physical CD album.

Of course it’s a digital single… I expected it so I’m not even surprisedㅠ That’s why they should’ve given us Jack in the Box as a real physical album… what is thisㅠ In the end, our poor j-hope doesn’t even get a real album lol my heart hurts and I’m angry but we need to focus on his upcoming single🔥 but will there be no promotions againㅠ

Especially with the recent news that  j-hope applied for the termination of his enlistment postponement—meaning he is now eligible to be called to serve—ARMYs want j-hope to make the best of his career before he leaves to perform his military duties.

We request for j-hope’s first solo album Jack in the Box to be released as a physical CD album. He can’t do any profit-making activities once he joins the army. Please release it before he goes to the army🙏

Even Jin released his single as a physical album because he was leaving for the army soon. There was a lot of effort put into his album jacket and jacket concept, he was on variety programs, and there was a lot of effort put into him overall, but j-hope who is going to the army in the same way is not treated the same lol Both Jin and j-hope are going to the military, so why is j-hope releasing just a single lol

Please give us a real album before j-hope goes to the army🙏

Some ARMYs were just plain confused and unsatisfied.

At this point, I’m wondering if it’s the artist’s decision to not release a real album or if it’s the label’s demand

Why is there no real physical albumㅠㅠ Is it because the single was made suddenly for video content? Then I understand but they didn’t inform us about anything like thatㅠ why are they doing thisㅠㅠ

Is HYBE discriminating? Why is j-hope the only one who doesn’t get a real album?

On the other hand, there are still many ARMYs who are excited and supportive of j-hope and his upcoming single.


Source: Twitter and BIGHIT MUSIC