This ARMY Convinced Her Father To Allow Her Go To BTS’ Concert In The Most Unique Way

Fellow ARMYs are loving it.

An ARMY has been receiving attention from the media for using a very unique way to convince her father to let her attend BTS‘ concert in LA.

On February 20, the sister of the 12-year-old ARMY, Zylina, shared a video on Twitter showing how Zylina convinced him. She first spent the night writing a 1,300-word essay explaining laws on the Korean military service system and what it means for her to attend this concert.



She also created a 3-minute long presentation as well as a contract for her father to review.


In fact, she even received excellent grades in hopes that it would help her convince her father to allow her to see BTS.


It turns out, however, that Zylina’s father had already bought the plane tickets to LA and kept it a secret to surprise his daughter! According to Zylina’s sister, their family will be attending BTS’ concert in LA together.


Fans are loving this ARMY’s effort and unique method, as well as the cute story with her father!


Check out Zylina’s essay and contract below:

Persuasive Essay by Zylina

BTS Concert

Written by: Zylina

While I know you have initially denied my request to go to the BTS concert, my stubbornness can’t give up without reasonings. Although it is a little pricey and takes up some time, I am determined to try and change your answer. Now you may be thinking, “Why is my daughter so in love with these Asian boys, and why should I spend my money on them?” A few of the plenty reasons why you should is because of Korea’s military laws, who they are as
people, and your daughter’s happiness. Please read the following paragraphs to not see your daughter cry.

While we live in the U.S. and they live in Korea, why could their laws possibly affect us? If you don’t already know, Korea has a law where every man from ages 18 to 35 must serve twenty one months in the Korean military. There are many famous boy bands that haven’t been active for a while due to this law. This put so much strain on the fans, therefore affecting how the fans feel, react, and act towards others.

There has been a rule in attempt to exempt this law to men in the K-pop industry however, BTS has not agreed to this law saying “Exceptions to our success or not, we will serve our country.”. The oldest of the group will be first to enlist in the military this year, specifically on December 4. It is said that this will be their last world tour before they will all start enlisting. Due to their age gaps, it would be an estimated 6 full years until they begin to work together again. If you didn’t know they are the most successful K-pop boy band ever in history, breaking multiple records and topping music charts even in America.

But unfortunately due to their country’s laws, they will not be altogether active until they have all completed their duties as good and abiding Korean citizens. In Korea to become a K-pop idol, you must have a minimum three year training from ages below 18. With almost all of them being teenagers at that time, people say fame messes up young kids. For some that is true, but the BTS group is different. They all have come from an extremely small company to the point where all seven of them lived in a two room apartment due to not making a large enough profit.

Over time they have gained many international fans due to their latest few albums and the influence they bring to the fans. The BTS-”Love Yourself” albums speak about topics like self love, learning yourself before learning about others, and other popular struggles that many of this generation deals with.

Although these are taboo topics in Korea, BTS has pushed asides the standards of concealing yourself to be accepted by the public, and by saying it’s ok to not be perfect. They do this by being open with their imperfections and applying it to their music. They aren’t afraid to stand out and be different with their unique personalities in public or on screen. They have made a large impact on many people by inspiring them to inspire. They have been the first ever boy band to say a speech at the United Nation, an intergovernmental organization that was tasked to maintain international peace and security. The BTS leader, Kim Namjoon, delivered the entire 6 minute speech in English, a language he had taught himself. He openly talks about his struggles to find and love himself, and to encourage us to love and find ourselves too. He says “We have learned to love ourselves, so now I urge you to speak yourself.”.

All while his fellow band members stayed by his side. Last but not least, most important reason why you should allow me to go to the BTS concert, is simply for my happiness. It is a once in a lifetime chance to see all seven of my inspirations performing live in front of me. As I have stated in the first reasoning paragraph, they most likely won’t be on tour for another 6 years all together. This is their last world tour being all together and it would be such a shame to miss out on. I found BTS on accident when I misclicked a YouTube video. Me being lazy decided not to move and just watch the video. I saw them and how they were so happy together; I decided to do more research and ended up falling in love with their music, dancing, and personalities. They inspired me to try and do many things physically like dancing, and keeping me motivated to learn another language (Korean).

Thus, i have self-taught myself to read and speak Korean language. Besides that, they have also inspired me internally. It was the time when I didn’t have any friends, a completely new school, and one girl terrified of making a fool of herself in front of so many new people. It was the third day of school when I saw everyone had their little clicks and group of friends.

Although I found out about BTS a month prior to the new semester starting, I never really went into finding out more about them. Time skip to the 5th week of school, I made a few friends, but they both temporarily left me for different reasons. Although, now we have fixed what had happened, in the past I still felt hurt then. I was losing hope and began thinking things that I now regret ever thinking. The day after my friend left me, and the day I was not feeling great at all, and I decided to watch a BTS video. After watching a few, I felt a lot better. And as cheesy as it sounds, they actually inspired me to be happy. I still remember one of their songs, Answer: Love Myself says, “You showed me I have reasons I should love myself.” One of the most iconic song quotes that many ARMY’s can relate to.

During the time of my struggle at the beginning of the new semester, I was extremely self conscious about how I looked. It was the time when my reflection would be a constant reminder of how I wasn’t perfect, and how mirrors became my enemies. After becoming a full time ARMY, I have become not shameless per say, but more confident about myself and cared less about what others thought about me. They didn’t solve all of my problems in the world, but they were one of the main reasons that I didn’t do anything stupid, and I gained hope. They have been one of my biggest influences; helping to shape my humor, my perspective, charisma, and also some of the smaller things like fashion.

They have affected me in so many positive ways, and seeing them in live concert would be such a blessing. Before you hit me with “Just watch it on YouTube,” or something like that, being at a concert is so much more different experience. They are there physically; you are breathing the same air while enjoying the crowd and their music, you are also surrounded by many people that also love them. I once had a mini concert in my room with one of their
performances playing on my laptop. Yes it was cool, but it felt like any other video I would watch.

You said so yourself that sometimes I spend too much time on my phone. That is only because I’m watching some sort of BTS concert video. If I was allowed to go to a BTS concert in real life, you wouldn’t see me on my phone for the next few weeks. By then, I’d still be in shock that they were there in front of me performing, and I’d be too busy rethinking of it trying to relive the moment to even bother looking at my phone.

In conclusion, please let me go to a BTS concert. I would do anything, literally. Check the contract. Although this is not their last world tour, however this might be it. I would prefer if I went to this concert before waiting another 6 years. Before I cry… if I’m not already, please consider the big reasonings and ask yourself the most important question, “Should I let my daughter go to a BTS concert?”



BTS Contract:

By signing this contract you are allowing *full names removed for privacy purposes* and
her ARMY guardian *full names removed for privacy purposes* to go to one of the following

􀀀BTS Love Yourself ‘Speak Yourself’ World Tour (2019)

⃞ BTS Unknown Future World Tours


By signing this contract your daughter will do three of whatever in another hope of further


ARMY’s Signature __________________ Parent’s Signature ____________________


Source: Twitter
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