ARMY Celebrates 700 Days Since Jin Released His Meaningful Song “Moon”

“Moon” feels like a warm hug from Jin himself.

Seven hundred days ago, BTS‘s Jin released his solo song “Moon” as a part of BTS’s album Map of the Soul: 7.

Since it was released, the meaningful song received a lot of recognition.

It was ranked 5th in Rolling Stone‘s list of the “Greatest Boy Band Songs of All Time.” The article claims that the song “sums up everything that’s made BTS massive.”

“Moon” also became the longest-charting solo song by any BTS member on Melon Chart.

And “Moon” was the third BTS song to achieve 100 #1’s in iTunes‘ history.

But perhaps more importantly to ARMY is the meaning behind Jin’s song. The song is dedicated from Jin to ARMY and includes English lyrics such as “all for you” and “all I see is you,” which demonstrates his love for his fans.

The song itself is about returning the love that Jin has been given, promising to stay by the side of those that have always supported and encouraged him.

But not only do the lyrics of “Moon” feel like a comforting hug, but when Jin finally got a chance to perform the song for ARMY, he took full advantage to further show his appreciation for his fans.

He performed the song during a live stream concert Map of the Soul ON:E. And during his solo performance, he hugged and kissed a replica of the Earth as a way to demonstrate that he would always be looking out for ARMY, just like he promised in the lyrics of the song.

So, of course, ARMY are gratefully celebrating the song’s release seven hundred days ago, trending hashtags as they all share their love for Jin’s particularly moving solo song.

Some fans are even sharingย Jungkook‘s cover of “Moon.”

“Moon” is certainly a song that will never leave ARMY’s playlists or hearts.