ARMYs Are Crying Over BTS Jimin’s Latest Weverse Post— Here’s Why

Such a sweet soul!

BTS’s Jimin, who released his pre-release single, “Set Me Free Pt. 2,” for his upcoming solo album, FACE, recently won first place on Mnet’s M Countdown. Jimin quickly posted on Weverse, thanking fans for their support.

| Weverse

Wow thank you for first place. I can’t believe it! I sincerely thank you, and I will work hard for this promotion!

In this message, the hashtag #우리아미상받았네 (Our ARMY won an award) had fans crying tears as it first started with Jimin’s tweet about winning on Show Champion in 2015.

Ever since that post, he continued to use the hashtag every time they won something, stating that it was all thanks to ARMY that they had won. Let’s stroll down memory lane at some of his past posts where he thanked ARMY!


I am so so happy because of ARMY. Thank you for this huge award. #OurARMYWonAnAward

Thank you again ARMY. #OurARMYWonAnAward


Thank you so much for first place on ‘THE SHOW’. #OurARMYWonAnAward

Wow thanks for first place on ‘Show Champion.’ Thank you to the ARMY that supported us today. #OurARMYWonAnAward


Today is the last award ceremony. Thanks to you all I was able to close off another year. Thanks again and let’s make more fun and beautiful memories in the new year. #OurARMYWonAnAward


I fell asleep. Thanks to our ARMY for supporting and staying by our side. I will work hard for the rest of the promotions. #OurARMYWonAnAward


Thanks again to our ARMY for congratulating us. I will work harder for the future. I love you. #OurARMYWonAnAward

Today was a meaningful day as I was able to meet with our ARMY whom I haven’t seen in two years. Thank you for waiting for us. Thank you, thank you. I love you ARMY. #OurARMYWonAnAward

ARMYs that saw the tweet cried tears as they wished him all the happiness in the world.

| theqoo
  • “Jimin really deserves all the love.”
  • “I always support idols who do well for the fans.”
  • “I love you Jimin!”
  • “He is so sweet and beautiful.”
  • “I’m tearing up reading this.”

He really does deserve all the love in the world! Stay tuned for the official release of “Like Crazy” on March 24!

Source: theqoo