ARMY Are Falling In Love With BTS’s Hot Bodyguard, Because Whoa

This attractive bodyguard has his own fanclub.

When BTS are around, it’s usually impossible to focus on anything else, but one very attractive bodyguard is making some ARMYs question their loyalty.

BTS returned home from Japan after performing four Love Yourself: Speak Yourself concerts in Osaka and Shizuoka. At Gimpo Airport, the members were escorted by several bodyguards, including this super good-looking guy.

This guard’s idol-level visuals catch fans’ attention…

…every time he’s by BTS’s side.

In fact, when they all walk together like this, he could even pass for a member!

Some fans already stan him so much that they’re telling poor Jimin to stop blocking their view!

If this bodyguard ever decides to go public on social media, he’s sure to attract a lot of followers.

Until then, fans will just have to admire whatever glimpses of him they get!