BTS Mentioned In American Comic Strip, ARMYs Stoked For The Mainstream Reference

An ARMY’s dad was the one who discovered the comic strip.

ARMY Madison, aka sweetmintyoongi on Twitter, shared that her dad sent her a photo of the comic MONTY by Jim Meddick when he saw that it referenced Jungkook and BTS.

Currently, her tweet about her dad’s thoughtfulness is at 4.4k likes with other ARMYs expressing their happiness over the fact that Jim Meddick recognized BTS and the power of their fanbase!

Madison’s dad proved that he’s one of the coolest ARMY dads out there because he even took the time to verify Jungkook’s name was spelled right before texting his daughter. (So cute!)

This wholesome interaction, seeing a parent genuinely take interest and support their daughter’s interest is the best! Don’t you think so too?