ARMY gave Jungkook these ridiculously expensive gifts

Jungkook‘s fansites are such dedicated fans of this BTS member that they give him the most luxurious gifts.

It is no secret that fansites are very giving, and they often give their biases quite expensive and luxurious gifts. In the past, they have given idols flat screen TVs and even Apple products such as laptops.

BTS’s Jungkook is definitely an example of an idol who is showered in luxurious fan gifts as his fansites have even spent as much $3,000 on gifts. It is certainly an amazing way to show your bias that you appreciate them, and it’s clear that Jungkook is definitely very appreciated!

Check out some amazing gifts given to Jungkook by his fans below:

Jungkook was gifted his very own gaming laptop.

Jungkook was gifted this laptop so that he can play games at a quicker speed.

Now Jungkook can communicate with fans on SNS.

Jungkook often cracks his phones, so he was given a new iPhone by a caring fan.

Jungkook’s birthday gift is so impressive.

Jungkook’s graduation gifts are goals!

Fans have even given him Givenchy products!