ARMY Hosted Cup Sleeve Events In Honor Of BTS V’s Dog Yeontan’s Birthday, And It’s So Cute

It’s what Yeontan deserves!

Cup sleeve events are hugely popular events for K-Pop fans. It’s a fun activity that allows us fans to connect while supporting our favorite idols for special occasions, such as birthdays.

Cup sleeve event for BTS’s V. | @calmbiyori/Twitter

But, have you thought to host a cup sleeve event for the birthday of your bias’ pet? ARMY has!

Yeontan (left) and BTS’s V (right) | Naver x Dispatch

It was the fourth birthday of BTS V‘s adorable pet pomeranian Yeontan on September 7. Japanese ARMYs held cup sleeves events at cafés in honor of the birth of Yeontan.

Yeontan as a puppy. | @BTS_twt/Twitter
ARMY (@chocoocrush on Twitter) designed cup sleeves for Yeontan. They were then distributed at Richesse Yuuka, a café and bar located in Tokyo, Japan. 

Cafe Calmbiyori, a cheese and tea shop, in Sendai, Japan, also distributed Yeontan cup sleeves. This café hosts a variety of cup sleeve events for K-Pop idol birthdays, but this design by Rainbow7 Café Event (@Kpop_Rainbow7 on Twitter) for Yeontan is the cutest!


They also distributed the designs by chocoocrush at their head office! 

K-Pop Café Pungyon hosted a cup sleeve event for Yeontan as well with Allure (@AllureBts0613 on Twitter). This café is a renovated old folk house with a K-Pop theme located in Hyogo, Japan.

| @cafe_pungyon/Twitter

ARMY miya nisshy attended the Yeontan cup sleeve event at K-Pop Café Pungyon, and we wish we could have too! The items given out at the event are so cute, from the cup sleeves to photocards!

Cup sleeve events are becoming more and more common worldwide, even for idols’ pets like Yeontan. Chinese ARMYs also shared photos on Twitter of a café event held in honor of Yeontan’s birthday!

| @prodK0YA/Twitter

Recently, ARMY hosted a cup sleeve event for the birthday of none other than BTS’s beloved boss Bang PD. Check it out below:

ARMY Hosted A Bang PD Cup Sleeve Event For His Birthday, And It’s So Cute

Source: K-Pop Café Pungyon and Cafe Calmbiyori