If You’re An ARMY, You HAVE To Visit This Restaurant When You’re In Korea

Head to this restaurant if you want to check out BTS’s favorite place to eat!

A.R.M.Ys, if you ever travel to Seoul, there’s one restaurant in Nonhyeong-dong (near Gangnam) you have to try, called Yujeong.

BTS ate lunch at this restaurant during a TV broadcast, admitting it’s one of their favorites – and since then fans have flocked to the location!


The boys have been eating at this local restaurant since before their debut and come by so often they even have their own reserved seats!


From the outside, it looks like a normal neighborhood restaurant, and it serves typical Korean food like barbecued meat and bibimbap.

It specializes in black pork.


But inside is a different story – an entire wall is covered with photos of BTS, many signed personally.


The owner even does a special “BTS set menu” that includes black pork hot stone bibimbap and a variety of side dishes.


The restaurant was featured on Olive’s new show Go Here! as host Jung Hyung Don‘s (aka Donnie’s) pick – and he said the food was delicious.


Even though the dishes are easy to find in Korea and the tastes are well-known, the delicious flavors prompted Donnie to give a glowing review.

It seems BTS still hasn’t forgotten the restaurant even with so many fans heading there on personal tours – the members often send their manager to order takeaway for them!


So if you head to Seoul to take your own personal BTS tour, don’t forget this restaurant – not only is it opportunity to follow in BTS’s footsteps, but it’s sure to guarantee a mouthwatering lunch!

Source: Dispatch