One ARMY Shared A Touching Story About Meeting Jungkook During His Vacation

This chance encounter is now a cherished memory.

One lucky ARMY met Jungkook completely by chance, and now she’s sharing her story with the rest of the fandom.

During BTS’s 2019 vacation following their world tour, Big Hit Entertainment asked fans to respect their privacy.

Should you have a chance encounter with a member of BTS while they are on vacation, we ask that you show consideration for their need to rest and enjoy their private time off.

— Big Hit Entertainment (BTS’s official hiatus notice)

So, when this K-ARMY unexpectedly dined at the same restaurant as Jungkook, Gop-chang Salon in Busan, she made sure to keep this request in mind. In a Twitter post, she wrote that the restaurant is frequently visited by ARMYs, since it features an autograph by Jungkook.

During her visit, the fan said that three of the restaurant’s tables were occupied. One by herself and her friends, one by an ARMY in her 40’s with her son, and one by Jungkook. When she and her friends realized who they were sitting near, they took a short trip to the washroom to fangirl, then returned and pretended not to notice him.

The older ARMY later asked the restaurant owner to ask Jungkook if it would be okay for her to get an autograph. When Jungkook pleasantly said yes, the owner pointed out that the OP and her friends were also fans. Jungkook came over to their table in a shy, sweet way, and asked their names. At first, the fan and her friends couldn’t say; they felt too sorry about getting an autograph on his vacation time.

Even so, Jungkook said that he didn’t have much time, but he would give them an autograph. Afterward, the friends did what any overwhelmed ARMYs would do: they burst into tears! Meanwhile, the older ARMY asked Jungkook for a handshake, which he gave. He then offered to shake the hands of the OP and her friends. When Jungkook left the restaurant by car, after his fans wished him well, he waved to them.

Jungkook showed his love for his fans in more than one way that day. In addition to treating the restaurant ARMYs kindly, he also revealed his tattoos on his hands that spelled out ARMY!

According to the fan, Jungkook also left a new autograph for the restaurant to show his appreciation for the meal.

Once again, the Golden Maknae has shown his golden heart to the world!