ARMYs Are Touched After BTS’s Jin Reveals Why He Started Liking The Color Pink

Pink is totally his color!

BTS recently dropped the Collector’s Edition of their anthology album, Proof. And although it comes with a hefty price tag, it does come with even more content including in-depth interviews with each member.

In particular, one part of Jin’s interview caught the attention of ARMYs.

| BTS Collector’s Edition/theqoo

When asked what color represents him the best, he chose the color pink!

| BTS Collector’s Edition/theqoo

I choose the color pink. In the past, I’ve thought of pink to be a bit too much for me. But after wearing pink in stage outfits and music videos and seeing how fans thought I looked good in it, I started liking the color too. I’ve also personally started to like the color more and more because of my fans.

⁠— BTS’s Jin

Let’s take a look at some pink Jin for ourselves! Even in casual outfits such as fleece jackets, ball caps, and sweatshirts, the pink suits him so well.


In cases of more formal attire and performances, he gives off a more worldwide handsome CEO vibe.


He looks like a total prince charming in a pink hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) though!

Netizens could stop praising how perfect the color pink was for him either!

| theqoo
  • “He really is the real deal the more you get to know him.”
  • “Pink is his color.”
  • “Wow I’ve been totally attacked by his face from this edition. I can’t see the pink because of his visuals.”
  • “He looks so good in pink.”
  • “Jin’s visuals, mindset, the way he talks, everything is so lovable.”
  • “He is so lovely.”
  • “Jin is totally a pink guy, so pretty and lovable.”
Source: theqoo


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