An ARMY Used A BTS Concert Video Playlist As Their Workout Routine And The Results Were Insane

Would you give this a try?

For those that have tried to dance to even just one BTS song know just how difficult it is to do it. An online community gained attention for its ‘BTS diet’, where they used BTS’s songs to create a workout.

The first step was to choose two members from the group to follow for the workout (Example: Suga from the rapline and Jungkook from the vocal line).

| Instiz
| Instiz

After choosing your members, you need to make a playlist in the order they are performed at their concert. The main point is to dance (if you know the choreography) or to just move around quickly like you are actually doing a concert. Whenever your chosen member is finished, you have to follow them and act as if you are changing clothes for the next performance.

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When the members are making comments and talking to the crowd, you have to follow them by talking for two minutes too. For ballad songs, you need to sing along as well.

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After finishing an almost three hour BTS concert in this way, there’s no way you can’t lose weight.

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Some tips the poster gave was to drink water when needed and to not eat two hours before the workout.

In conclusion, the fan revealed that after doing this three times a week for a month, they lost a total of 10 kg (~22 lbs).

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Of course you don’t have to do it exactly like this fan as you can always just turn on BTS’s songs for 2-3 hours and just workout or dance!

This workout routine is only for those that would like to experience just a fraction of how hard BTS must have practiced to be able to complete these concerts!

Source: theqoo