ARMYs Become Sherlock And Identify All The Places Shown In BTS Jungkook’s Selfie

Fans are shook.

On January 11, BTS‘s Jungkook posted a cute selfie on their official Twitter page. This Tweet received a whole lot of attention not just for Jungkook’s amazing visuals, but also because of the photos seen in the background. ARMYs quickly transformed into Sherlock as they began their detective work to identify what each picture meant.





Fans began identifying and posting images of different places around the world. ARMYs worked together to slowly put together the puzzle behind the photos.




DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza) in Seoul





Maria Hassabi- “Staging” in New York






“Hot-air balloon made from recycled plastic bags” by Tomás Saracen







Clearing Sculpture by Sir Antony Gormley





A fan also posted a list of all the pictures identified from Jungkook’s selfie. The places identified included different styles of artwork from all over the world including Seoul, New York, Berlin, Austria, and more.






Fans are aware that BTS members appreciate and love all art forms and they are excited to see what this #CONNECT_BTS will be about.






It’s no surprise that fans are officially shook that ARMYs are able to find all of these places through a single photo posted by Jungkook.





Who knows what will pop up next from BTS! Stay tuned!