ARMYs Believe Taylor Swift Copied BTS’s Album Package, Here’s Why

“Whether or not she knows about K-Pop, it looks like she got influenced by BTS’s packaging.”

Taylor Swift recently returned to the music scene with her full album “Lover.” While most Western artists focus on the digital scene, Taylor Swift has also released a physical version that fans could get their hands on.

A Korean ARMY commented that she seemed influenced by BTS’s packaging.

Whether or not she knows about our domestic K-POP scene, it looks like she got influenced by BTS’ packaging and that it’s starting to enter the mainstream POP scene too now. I wish that at this rate, POP artists start adding photo cards and that this becomes the norm

– Korean Netizen

She pointed out that the Limited Deluxe Box Set Version of Taylor Swift’s “Lover” included photocards just like BTS’s own albums.

Comments on her now viral post ranged from every end of the spectrum. Some acknowledged their similarities.

Wow, look at Taylor’s album becoming KPop-ified.

– Korean Netizen

ㅋㅋㅋ I bought the album ‘1989’ and I got a polaroid picture that was randomized, I was so shockedㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

– Korean Netizen

Most, however, seemed to think that the netizen was exaggerating. They noted that Taylor Swift has been doing this for years.

Taylor’s has been selling her albums as sets and packaging like that since 2012! She also included photo cards and even guitar picks as goods too. It’s true that KPOP And BTS have a big influence now, but I don’t think she got influenced by them for the album packaging.

– Korean Netizen

They pointed out that BTS themselves take inspiration from other artists.

This happened with HYYH too, why do Bangtan fans always act like their bias are the ones who created everythingㅋㅋ If you just look at Bangtan’s content, they say themselves that they get inspiration from a lot of places..ㅋㅋ

– Korean Netizen

Aren’t SM the ones who started the whole photo card thing? If we talk about the idol industry, it’s not BTS who started it, but SM, they’re the ones who originated everything, no?

– Korean Netizen

In the end, they pointed out that while there are similarities with the two artist’s albums, fans should not credit everything to their favorite.

Ah this is so sad… My bias have been doing this since 2009? 2010? They’ve been doing this story telling thing with their albums and that was before BTS even debuted… If you don’t know about other idols because you’re so blinded by fangirling on your bias, don’t come drag other people thinking your bias are the ones who created everything;;;

– Korean Netizen

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Source: Nate