ARMYs Can’t Handle BTS Jungkook’s Blockbuster Action Movie Moment

His role: the bunny warrior.

During BTS‘s “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself [The Final]” concert in Seoul, Jungkook was spotted playing around with the smoke gun on stage while performing “IDOL”.


In doing so, he was photographed like he walked straight out of a blockbuster action movie…

jungkook 2


… and ARMYs can’t handle the pure amount of charisma captured in these pictures!

jungkook 1


While other BTS members have had their share of trouble with working the smoke gun, Jungkook knows how to manhandle that machinery like a veteran.


He has always been the best smoke gunner among BTS throughout the past concerts…

… but his warrior vibe was 200% on point this particular concert, complemented by his camouflage jacket!

So… when is this blockbuster dropping? We’re ready to grab tickets!

jungkook 3

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