ARMYs Can’t Handle BTS Jungkook’s Blockbuster Action Movie Moment

His role: the bunny warrior.

During BTS‘s “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself [The Final]” concert in Seoul, Jungkook was spotted playing around with the smoke gun on stage while performing “IDOL”.


In doing so, he was photographed like he walked straight out of a blockbuster action movie…


… and ARMYs can’t handle the pure amount of charisma captured in these pictures!


While other BTS members have had their share of trouble with working the smoke gun, Jungkook knows how to manhandle that machinery like a veteran.


He has always been the best smoke gunner among BTS throughout the past concerts…


… but his warrior vibe was 200% on point this particular concert, complemented by his camouflage jacket!


So… when is this blockbuster dropping? We’re ready to grab tickets!