ARMYs Celebrate “I Purple You Day”

It’s a legacy from BTS’s V for ARMYs.

Three years ago BTS‘s V gave a new meaning to the color purple, making it a very special hue for all ARMYs. From V’s definition of  purple was born the expression “I purple you”, which for ARMYs mean, “I will trust and love you for a long time”.

ARMYs commemorated this expression by trending #IPurpleYouDay, in appreciation of V’s legacy of love. The HT top–trended worldwide.

Since its creation, “I purple you” has paved the way for many memorable highlights in the life of ARMYs. Here are some reasons why “I Purple You Day” and the color purple is worthy of its commemoration.

1. The Purple Ribbon Project

The Purple Ribbon Project was spearheaded by ARMYs as a means of protecting BTS from crowds as they arrived at the LAX Airport last year. ARMYs held purple ribbons and joined hands to create a barrier to shield the BTS members from any excited fans. It was a beautiful and touching sight.

2. Buildings and streets lit up in purple for BTS

New York City’s Empire State Building was lit up in purple in honor of BTS when they went there for their iHeartRadio interview in May.

Likewise, Saudi Arabia’s buildings glowed in purple, the evening BTS performed in the King Fahd International Stadium.

3. BTS concerts glowed in purple

With their BTS light sticks, ARMYs created a sea of pretty purple lights, a breathtaking sight that Army concert attendees will never forget.

4. The purple heart emoji is now identified with BTS and ARMYs

The purple heart emoji is now identified with BTS and ARMYs, as it is widely used in Twitter as an expression of affection.

Surely, ARMYs are thanking V for giving them this wonderful expression.