This ARMY’s Clever Way Of Using Google Translate To Watch Unsubbed BTS Content Is A+

They deserve a Nobel Prize for this idea.

ARMYs are a passionate group who will do whatever it takes to support their boys. Whatever. 👏 It. 👏 Takes. 👏 Despite this knowledge, this ARMY still managed to nearly break the Internet with her ingenious idea that no only benefit BTS fans, but all non-Korean speaking K-Pop fans.

The fan uses Google Translate‘s Translate By Voice function to understand (more or less) what Jin is saying! Check out their JIN-inius (kekeke, get it?) in action:

Like the true angel they are, the ARMY broke down exactly how they managed this brilliant feat.

Step 1: Get wired earphones.

Step 2: You’ll also need a phone to watch the live broadcast.

Step 3: Access to any form of Google Translate.

Step 4: Connect your earphones into your laptop.

Step 5: Set your phone up so you can watch the live as Google translates.

Step 6: Put the mic of the earphones next to the speaker of the phone.

Step 7: ENJOY!

You’re out there doing God’s work, mysterious ARMY. Thank you for your service.