ARMYs Determine Probable Meaning Of Jimin’s New Tattoo

Do you have any other theories?

On a recent livestream on March 26, BTS‘s Jimin gave fans a peek at a new tattoo!

While it’s uncertain if it was intentional or not, at one point when Jimin was playing with his hair, he exposed his inner wrist, where, under a bracelet, the number “13” could be seen.

Most people know the number 13 to be an “unlucky” number in some cultures, but fans think they’ve figured out the meaning behind why Jimin got it for himself.

Fans believe that the number symbolizes two things – Jimin’s birthday (October 13) and BTS’s debut date (June 13). A simple meaning, but certainly meaningful to the idol!

This the second tattoo that Jimin has bared to the world, the first being his “NEVERMIND” tattoo on his ribcage that was first seen in 2014. While it’s possible he has others, fans have yet to see them!

Here’s how ARMYs are reacting on social media:


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