ARMYs Under Fire For Screaming In Movie Theater Screenings of BTS’s Documentary

Other fans are defending them.

BTS‘s first feature film “Burn the Stage: The Movie” just made its official premiere in 70 countries around the world and ARMYs couldn’t be happier, at least for the most part.


While ARMYs everywhere are celebrating this momentous occasion, some have taken their celebrations a little too far and are now receiving some major backlash for their behavior.


As we all know, movie theaters have certain rules regarding noise levels and lights and this is where some ARMYs are getting into trouble with their fellow fans.


Some fans have been so excited to see the boys on the big screen that they’ve taken to screaming, doing fanchants, and even turning on their lightsticks during the movie. While everyone has no problem with others doing that at concerts, it’s been a completely different story at the theater.


Many moviegoers are not happy that fans are doing this and think this is not only embarrassing but rude too.


As more and more ARMYs are calling out their fellow fans, many others are sticking up for those that were extra hyped at the theater.


And some fans have even pointed out that a number of theaters have not only set up special times and places for these showings but have also been encouraging fans to show their enthusiasm!


While there has been some major back and forth between the two different sides in this, one netizen took a look at both sides and came up with a simple solution that everyone seems to be able to agree on.