ARMYs Go Crazy Over How Adorable Jungkook Looks In “Harry Potter Glasses”

BTS‘s Jungkook may not be known for his aegyo skills, but his adorable new look has left fans overwhelmed by his cute side.

While perhaps better known for his evolving manly looks and stacked athletic physique, Jungkook transformed recently with the addition of this accessory. During BTS’s recent fan meeting Jungkook sported cute round glasses.

The look left fans a little breathless and showed a softer side of the maknae.

Take a look at Jungkook’s adorable new look below.

Fans are loving Jungkook’s new look.
He looks adorable in his round frame glasses.
Jungkook showed a softer side with pastel colors and a ‘geek chic’ style.

Jungkook has already proven to fans that he can pull off any look  – as he has been seen on stage sporting everything from leather pants to fuzzy sweaters, and even once went up on stage without makeup. With this new glasses and choker combination, Jungkook proved once more that he can make any outfit look good.

His cute new glasses suit him perfectly.
He looks manly even in adorable glasses.
This look is designed to disarm fans!
This adorable style suits Jungkook perfectly.
He may be known for his athletic body and manly attitude but his cute looks are undeniable.

He really can wear any look. BTS is currently promoting their album Wings: You Never Walk Alone before embarking on their Wings tour this March.