ARMYs In The Philippines Celebrate BTS Jimin’s Birthday With An Awesome Drone Show

What a cool way to celebrate!

BTS Jimin‘s birthday may be over, but the party is far from ending. While his birthday passed on October 13, 2019, ARMYs remain feeling festive and are still celebrating the special occasion!


In the Philippines, Twitter hashtag #GleamingLightsForJimin trended with pictures and videos from a “drone show”, planned exclusively for Jimin.


During this spectacular event, drones colored the night sky with meaningful images for Jimin and ARMYs.


From the BTS and ARMY logos…


… to Jimin’s name in Korean and happy birthday messages…


… the drone show became a beautiful sight for ARMYs in the Philippines!


Followed by fireworks, this light-filled birthday celebration for Jimin really brightened ARMYs’ hearts!


Watch the awesome drone show for Jimin here: